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Call to integrate transport

28 January 2014

Green Party members across Hertfordshire are campaigning for a more integrated public transport system.

Herts Green MEP candidate Jill Mills has carried out a survey of cyclists using St Albans station to find out how much demand there is for extra bike space on First Capital Connect (FCC) trains. 40% of respondents said they would like to take their bike on the train if there was room, while others highlighted that they would want better storage at their place of work. FCC bosses have promised to consider ways to improve facilities for cyclists on trains and at stations. New style trains are being proposed for 2016 with more space for bikes. In Hemel Hempstead Green Party campaigners are calling for improved bus services to the train station while in Watford Green Party councillors are pressing for improved road safety measures. The Green Party wants to see action to ensure that integrated public transport is available in all our villages, towns and cities at a reasonable cost. Green campaigners have called on the Government to require operators to work together to make it easier for people to use different modes of to complete their journeys. Jill Mills said: “Clearly there is a way to go before we can have a green journey to work, travelling efficiently door to door without costing the earth."

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