12 July 2016

The UK is now seeing immediate social, political and economical effects of the EU referendum result and is at the beginning of a long journey of negotiations and uncertainty. In Watford, where only 252 votes separated the outcome, people are feeling divided and apprehensive for the future. As the Green Party, we campaigned nationally to remain in Europe and to secure and greener and stronger future.

The current Government has no mandate for negotiations to leave the EU and with the Conservatives in power, Brexit means further austerity. This means more cuts for the NHS and deprivations to the most vulnerable in society. This is an outcome which many voters did not expect and did not vote for, due to the duplicity of the campaigns.

The country is in political turmoil. Now more than ever people are angry with politicians and their u-turns. While the other parties fight among themselves, the Green Party are putting forward a positive vision of what a post-referendum Britain could look like. Our current ‘first part the post’ electoral system is responsible for the fact that the concerns of vast numbers of people go unheard and feel apathetic towards Westminster. The only fair way to proceed is to have a proportional voting system where people can back the politicians who they believe in and one in which people are not pressured to vote tactically. Our party also believe in votes for the younger generation, we think it is crucial for 16 and 17 year olds to have a say in their future.

Watford Green Party have been working locally with the Lib Dems by campaigning to stay in the EU and we would like to continue working with other progressive political groups towards a cross party vision that represents a wider section of society. Together we will ensure our elected representatives will do what is best for their constituents.

At a time of such uncertainty, one thing is for sure: The Green Party will stand against austerity and fight to protect the environmental and workers rights that the EU has given us.


Su Murray, Chair of Watford Green Party