Watford Greens Campaigning to Remain in the EU

Green Campaigners 


Alex Murray

Alex has been a member of the Watford Green Party since May 2015, joining during the Green Surge. As well as being a regular participant in Green events since then, he is the spokesman for Watford Young Green’s Living Wage campaign involving Watford FC. He passionately believes that the club has a moral duty to pay their employees and contractors a wage they can afford to live on. Alex supported our candidates in the local elections this past May as well as the EU Referendum campaign, handing out leaflets, speaking to voters on the doorstep to make sure that the Green perspective was heard during both elections. Alex was born and raised in Bushey and as such has an in depth knowledge of the town and some of the prevailing issues surrounding it. He studied History and Criminology at the University of Essex before studying for a career in law. He now splits his time between green issues and working for a leading criminal defence firm in London.

Alex Murray


Su Murray

Su Murray has been involved with the Watford Green Party and has been a high profile campaigner for many years, particularly regarding licensing and preserving allotments. She is highly motivated and particularly wants to help deal with anti-social behaviour in Callowland, “I know residents are tired of the amount of takeaways and shops offering alcohol. I have campaigned against these types of shops before and ensured my area tightened its licensing policy. I want to do more of the same on St Albans Road.


Past Green Councillors - Ian Brandon 

Ian Brandon has been part of the Green Party since 2004 and was a councillor from 2012 - 2015.  Ian has a degree in Law from Northampton University and passed his bar exams at Northumbria University. He has worked in complaints handling ever since for Local Government and the NHS.

Ian's achievement included: proposal for local 20mph zones in North Watford, locality budgets, funding for St Albans Road traders association, Rejuvenation of Callowland Rec, proposal for loop of Abbey flyer, CCTV cameras where local residents associations want them.